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SEEN’s objective of creating an enabling environment for startups in Afghanistan to help them flourish and succeed, can not be achieved alone by a person or a small group, a collective approach is required to make this possible. SEEN acts as startups’ advocate and keeps their needs and desires at the forefront; thus it is required that we come together and make our voice stronger and louder. The more members joining the movement, the sooner we can create the required environment.

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We are a strong 160+ members family, by becoming a member of SEEN family; you not only contribute to a noble cause, but also get access to benefits which helps your startup to succeed.

Entrepreneurs must have ample industry knowledge of market to be successful. SEEN provide opportunities for entrepreneurs in Afghanistan to learn about different policies, regulations, market information, and other important content both by SEEN experts and partners.

  • Access to Updated Information on Policies and Regulations
  • Access to Mentorship & Coaching
  • Access to Online Knowledge Portal

We offer several networking opportunities to founders where they can meet with others in the industry and work together toward the development of a startup environment in Afghanistan. This helps startups grow and develop in a thriving environment.

  • Access to Entrepreneurship Events
  • Access to Referral Benefits
  • Access to Exhibitions & Shows
  • Access to Finance & Funding

SEEN has designed programs to recognize and promote outstanding startups, founders, products, and services. Through SEEN’s promotional programs the startups and founders get a chance of being known to a larger audience both locally and globally.

  • Startup Award & Recognitions
  • Featured in Publications
  • Introduction to Government Programs
  • Access to Global Stages

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