Creating an enabling environment for startups in Afghanistan to start and grow

Representing startups in Afghanistan, SEEN has an important job to primarily hold an open dialogue with the government and its international partners on policy issues relevant to startups and emerging entrepreneurs. With a clear objective in mind, our services are designed to help create an environment in Afghanistan for startups where they not only setup their business but also get ample opportunities for growth.

Advocacy with Government for Startups


One of our main services offered to startups in Afghanistan is advocating with the government for their rights and needs. We work closely with entrepreneurs to understand their specific needs and problems and then take them up to the government.

  • Survey of Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Publications based on survey data
  • Regular policy recommendations and reports to government
  • Informative Sessions on Policies and Regulations

  • Mentorship & Coaching

  • Online Knowledge Portal

Knowledge for Startups and Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs must have ample industry knowledge of market to be successful. SEEN provide opportunities for entrepreneurs in Afghanistan to learn about different policies, regulations, market information, and other important content both by SEEN experts and partners.

Networking and Exposure Opportunities


We offer several networking opportunities to founders where they can meet with others in the industry and work together toward the development of a startup environment in Afghanistan. This helps startups grow and develop in a thriving environment.

  • Founder & Startup Award

  • Entrepreneurship Events

  • Referral Benefit Services

  • Exhibitions & Shows

  • Access to Finance

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