Striving for the growth and success of startups and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan

Startups and Emerging Entrepreneurs Network (SEEN) is a non-profit association with an aim to support startup businesses and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan by helping in creation of an enabling environment in which founders can easily build a startup and successfully convert it to a growable company.

Our vision and Goals

SEEN’s vision is to be the leading support platform for sustained growth and development of start-ups and entrepreneurs for socio-economic prosperity of Afghanistan

Creating Jobs

Create more and better jobs by helping startups to grow into SMEs and large companies

Sustaining Startups

Increase the life expectancy of startups in Afghanistan through policy and practical interventions

Informing Founders

Improve the knowledge and awareness of founders on business and policy

Improving Policies

Contribute in cration of a better and improved policy environment for startups

SEEN is founded by well-known and credible business figures in Afghanistan

SEEN as an association was formed by existing Afghan entrepreneurs with a clear and deep understanding of not only the business environment in Afghanistan but also the specific steps to take to ensure the success of startups and entrepreneurs. We are the first of its kind organization that is established to particularly help startups in Afghanistan because we have been working in the local environment and understand it through.

we are starting with a good level of credibility

With a clear objective in mind, we are working towards making the business environment of Afghanistan helpful for startups. Thanks to our highly experienced and expert founding members, partners, and members, we are starting our journey with a good level of credibility and recognition.

Members and Growing …
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